Audio The Lost Child out now

The audio version of The Lost Child is out now

Reviews welcome for all versions of The Lost Child

4 thoughts on “Audio The Lost Child out now”

  1. I absolutely loved this book, nothing was predictable. My heart was racing reading this. It’s been a great journey with Lottie, her family and her job. Having read the three books of which each was as good as the other I just can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes us ( I’m thinking New York, to start) great stories, thrilling gripping and cedible.

      1. Just finished the first book of the series, The Missing Ones. Great book–I plan on starting the second one this pm. I loved all of it and I am a picky, voracious reader. Lots of surprises and depth–had no idea you had also lost your husband–makes sense now how you could portray the widowed Lottie so well. God Bless–keep up the writing–I plan on sharing them when I am completed with my friends who are always looking for a good read. Sue

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