The Lost Child (Lottie Parker book 3) On Amazon Pre-Order

The third Lottie Parker book is now on pre-order on Amazon.

If you liked The Missing Ones and The Stolen Girls I would love if you could leave a review on AMAZON.

Much appreciated.


16 thoughts on “The Lost Child (Lottie Parker book 3) On Amazon Pre-Order”

  1. Dear Patricia,
    I enjoyed reading your books so much, The missing ones & The Stolen Girls .Thank you.
    I now look forward in reading your next book
    Lottie felt Boyd slip his hand into hers !! Hope tomorrow bring more to their relationship ??

  2. The Missing Ones is a phenomenal debut novel. Loved the characters and the plot – so much so that I didn’t get much of anything else done these past few days!!!! The Stolen Ones will be delivered today. Can’t wait to see what is in store for Lottie next! Excellent book! ❤️

  3. Loved The Missing Patricia sand just purchased the next Stolen Girls . They should make a movie out of The Missing! Kept me reading from start to finish. Can’t wait to start the next one. Keep on writing!

  4. Loved your first 2 books!! Read them right after each other and kept me in suspense till the end. I’m usually quite good at guessing the twists in plots but I never came close to your endings. Looking forward to your 3rd book.

  5. Hi patricia, i have just finished the missing ones and can’t wait to start the stolen was a fantastic , gripping story from start to finish and you always know when the writer has a connection in some way to book they write . i wish you well as i imagine your husband would be very proud of you,and hope you intend to keep writing.regards mary coleman

  6. I absolutely loved yr first two books the second i finished the stolen girls i was wanting to read the next book pls write quickly so looking forward to it
    Regards cheryl

  7. Hi Patricia,
    I loved both your books,loved all the plots,when is your next book out,I need my fix of Lottie & Boyd.

    1. Hi Martina. Thank you for your kind comment. Book 3, The Lost Child, is on pre order at the moment. Publication date is October 27th this year

  8. The first two books are great. Looking forward to the third…….. As a US resident, the books have also helped me to learn to speak “Irish”!!!!!!
    As a widower myself for 13 yrs I appreciate and understand the feeling that you have drawn from your life tragedy to make these writings more real.
    Keep up the great work……

    1. Thank you so much for contacting me. I’m delighted you enjoyed my books. I’m only realising how Irish they are when I hear back from the US. It’s a dream for me that people are reading my books all over the world. Thank you again.

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