The Stolen Girls – 6th July 2017

It’s almost time for The Stolen Girls. Hope you enjoy it!

10 thoughts on “The Stolen Girls – 6th July 2017”

  1. I just finished reading the Missing Ones. It had me spellbound and I read when I should’ve been doing other things. I’ve also downloaded the next book and pre-ordered the next one – can’t wait! These kind of books are right up my alley as I love mysteries and crime drama. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Linda. I’m delighted you enjoyed The Missing Ones. I hope you like Book 2 also. It is a little darker but it continues Lottie’s trials and tribulations!

  2. The Stolen Girls was an excellent read. It was not at all boring at any place in the book. I also liked that it followed the Missing Ones so well. It would be nice to have some good things happen to Lottie. Also forgot how old Katie is in the book will there beva sequel.

    1. Thank you Karen. Katie is 19 and is 20 in book 3 which has just gone up on pre-order..It’s called The Lost child. Thank you for your contacting me. Patricia

  3. I thoroughly loved reading The Stolen Girls. I’ve also read The Missing Ones and I couldn’t wait to read Book 2. Now I’m looking forward to start on Book 3. I think your a great writer Patricia and can’t wait to read more of your books.

  4. I am loving this series! I’ve recommended it to several of my book friends. Will there only be three Lottie Parker books? I’m hoping there will be more.

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