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  1. Hi Patricia, I just bought your book online from Amazon, I am really looking forward to getting it delivered. I have read the reviews with great interest, Well done on you achievement so far, and very best of luck with what is to come.

  2. As soon as I started reading your book i new it was going to be good,but it wasn’t​ it was brilliant !!!
    Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to read the next book!!

    1. Thank you
      Next book should be out in July.
      I would really appreciate a review on amazon if you have not already done so.
      Thanking you

  3. When will you have the next book out?
    I read your book and loved it. For your first book you did an awesome job.
    Thanks for the book, I really enjoyed it.

  4. Hi Patricia!
    This book is a work of genius.
    I’m sorry if I startled you initially when I messaged you saying that I had a problem with the book, the problem being that I could not put it down. It was a little impishness on my part as I often call a waiter in a restaurant with a complaint about the meal. The complaint being that they gave me too much or that the meal was just delicious. A little element of surprise. This of course came back to haunt me when I read this book, it is a masterpiece in thriller and mystery fiction. Every page left you wondering and waiting and trying to find the murderer. Not until the last pages and then the whole thing comes together. It is cleverly plotted and planned and your attention to detail is clever and the sombre winter weather just after Christmas a time very boring with not much to do as winter holds its grip, adds to the atmosphere. Even Lottie herself had a tragic past which is woven into the plot. She’s a force to be reckoned with and I’m sure she’d make a great Garda Commissioner, taking no nonsence from anyone.
    Being a local man I can identify with Ragmullin and the places mentioned in it. Such a great idea, Ragmullin is set to become the Midsomer Murders location for Ireland, and I look forward to further adventures of Lottie, her family and the police force in her native town. Patricia, I could not leave down this book and it is great that our town and county can now have a best-selling author, a native and one of our own.
    Congratulations on such a great book and we are all proud of what you have achieved, having risen from the darknes of a number of sad years following the loss of your beloved Aidan.
    Well done!

  5. Outstanding!!!! I hated the ending though …because I was enjoying the book so much I did NOT want it to end. I read this book non-stop except for sleep and meals and couldn’t stand the time away. Kudos for you in writing your first book. It is better than any book I have read in a very long time. I have read over 800 in the last 5 years so that’s saying something. Congratulations and keep up the good work.
    Jackie S
    Houston, TX USA

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted you liked The Missing Ones
      If you haven’t already done so I would really appreciate a review on Amazon.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is great to get feedback. If you haven’t already done so I would really appreciate a review on Amazon as it helps to get my book noticed.
      Thanking you again

  6. Will book two be available in audiobook also. I am listening to the missin one now and I AM LOVING it!

  7. I just finished your first book and absolutely love it. The thing that bothers me most is that things like this happened so many times with the Catholic church to so many innocents. The church still does things most people would be shocked by but ……..
    I can not wait till your next book comes out. I wish I could pre order it as I’m afraid it will come out and I won’t know. So refreshing to not have all the cops having so many beatings etc and miraculously live to go out and get it worse in the next two days. Just so refreshing from books I have been reading for so long. I’m not good at reviews as you can see but I just want you to know I love everything about the book.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m delighted you enjoyed my debut novel. Book two will be on pre-order very soon. It is called The Stolen Girls.

  8. Hi patricia. My friend Sharon bought me the book for a present and its here in Spain with me on holidays!! It was a brilliant read, great characters, real twist to the story and i couldnt put it down. Really, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to The Unwanted now …..

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